I Don’t Know How To Eat Like A Normal Person

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After achieving my weight loss goal, I’ve been eating “normally” ever since. My clan asks me how do I manage that and I answer it in this post.

How To Eat Like A Normal Person? To eat like a normal person you have to get rid of the fear, anxiety, and guilt surrounding what you eat. If you have learned to eat healthy and it is second nature to you then your food choices would be subconsciously “normal”, also solving the aforementioned problems.

We don’t consider healthy-eating a skill and instead, we consider it as something we should “already know”. Let me explain to you why learning healthy-eating as a skill will help you eat like a normal person.

In this post you will learn:

How to get rid of the fear, anxiety, and guilt surrounding what you eat?

Well, I can say, “Just relax and breathe. It isn’t as big a problem as you think.” I know that a reply like that will not solve the problem. On the contrary, I may have added to it. Apologies!

The simplest answer, according to me, is to develop confidence. “Confidence in what?”, you ask.  Confidence in your food choices and its measurements i.e. Confidence in what you eat and how much you eat?

Now that is a very generic answer and definitely not useful. But, let me tell you that there is a way to make that practical. Psst! Learn healthy-eating as a skill-form.

Why learn healthy-eating as a skill?

  • It brings a mindset shift

Learn to eat, may sound absurd. If that sounds absurd, and at first instance, it should then look at the problem we are trying to solve – How to eat like a normal person?

If you treat it like a skill then it becomes a learnable thing. And if you can learn it then you can definitely become confident in it.

By making healthy-eating a skill we give it physical existence. It isn’t any more an abstract idea.  Now it can be learned and measured. Remember the famous quote, “What gets measured gets improved.

I will teach you that skill. I learned it myself and it was a lot of hard work. It is the distillation of all the trials-and-errors I did to figure out what worked for me. Let me warn you that it is not a magic bullet. Nevertheless, if you put in the required effort the result is guaranteed.

  • It becomes learnable

Unfortunately, healthy eating doesn’t come naturally to us anymore. This idea of being a “natural” aka “one-inherently-knows” is stupidity to me. Is one a born engineer, doctor, architect, actor, sportsperson etc? If you can learn the skills and become one then why can’t we treat healthy-eating the same way.

          • What does an engineer have to do to be a “normal” engineer?
          • What does a sportsperson have to do to be a “normal” sportsperson?

Absolutely nothing. Once you have learned it then it becomes a part of you and you don’t have to do anything to be you.

  • It becomes your second nature

Let us compare learning healthy-eating skill to learning to play a musical instrument. If you are a newbie and your teacher tells you to just be yourself and play, would that make sense? But after you have learned the skill you can definitely be yourself. Playing a musical instrument would become second nature to you.

Similarly, once you have learned to eat healthily, it will become second nature to you. You won’t be obsessed with what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, etc. You will have confidence in eating. This confidence is all you need to be able to eat like a normal person.

  • It helps to unlearn the wrong way of eating

You may also argue that no other species has to “learn” to eat. I agree to it. But no other species has changed their eating as much as we have done. By understanding how to eat we can unlearn the wrong habit and return to the correct way of eating.

The correct way of eating is to eat anything and everything you want with the knowledge that it is adding to your health and wellbeing.

You may ask, “Can I eat sugar or oil or cereal as much as we want?” I ask you, “Is that adding to your health?”

Once you have learned the skill, you will know “what” to eat and “how much” to eat, without exercising willpower.

What is the healthy-eating skill?

The healthy-eating skill is the skill of balancing calories, nutrition, and taste. How you can do it is what I teach in my program. Also, remember that this program is a training wheel. Once you have understood how to eat right you can let go of the training wheels.

The knowledge will stay with you. You can then enjoy any food without any fear, anxiety or guilt. But let me warn you. It is a skill and like any skill, it will take time, patience, perseverance and consistency to master it.

The good news is that you have to commit just 67 days and I’ll teach you a life-skill that will last a lifetime. It’s a one-time effort. Visualize being free of fear, anxiety, and guilt of eating any kind of food. Guilt-free eating for the rest of your life – that is the claim.

I’ll briefly explain the program here but would request you to go through the detailed program as per your convenience. Take action as explained in the program and rectify your eating pattern forever.

This program involves the method of counting calories and macros manually. Please don’t get demotivated or angry with the idea. Please trust me that it is not about counting calories.

Counting calories and macros manually is just a crutch. You have to use it only for the first few weeks. By doing it manually you will develop new neural pathways that’ll allow you to look at food differently.

This power of looking at food differently and making subconscious right choices without employing any will power is what I call sense-of-nutrition. And that is what I intend to teach you.

I have been using it myself for over 4 years to manage my weight and my eating-habit in general.

We lift weights in the gym to build muscles. Lifting of weight is just a technique; it is the building of muscles that we are focussed on. Similarly, counting calories manually is just a technique, it is the sense-of-nutrition that we are focussed on. Thankfully unlike lifting weights to build muscles, we have to count calories manually only for the first few weeks.

I have given a quick summary of how to manually count macros and calories below. But I’ll strongly motivate you to read my detailed post on it to better understand the entire process.

Steps to calculate the Calories & Macros in food manually  using a kitchen food scale:

  1. Take a recipe
  2. List all the ingredients as per the recipe
  3. Measure the weight of each ingredient using a kitchen food scale
  4. Once we have the weight of each ingredient we’ll use Google to calculate the calories and macros
  5. After we have the calories and macro-info of all the ingredients, we then just sum them up and voila we have the calories and the macro-info in the entire recipe

How will it help you to eat like a normal person?

The interesting part is not counting calories and macros. It is how we make the food tasty. By being confident of the nutritional value of the food we can play around with the ingredients to make it tasty.

Once you have developed the sense-of-nutrition by learning the healthy-eating skill, you can literally make any food tasty and nutritious at the same time. You can now eat what you want like a normal person 😉

Being able to eat what you want and as much as you want may sound too good to be true. But frankly, it is true. The sense-of-nutrition will guide you to make healthier choices. It will make you wise like our ancestors.

This wisdom of what to eat and how much to eat will help you eat like a normal person.

Does this suggest you can eat junk or comfort food?

Well, let the sense-of-nutrition guide you. Develop it and experience the magic for yourself. Hint: Balance without using will-power.


Kind request: I want to request you to have an open mind and give my programa try. I am not charging any fees for it. I genuinely want you to achieve your goal. At any point, if you face any problem in understanding the program please feel free to email me. I promise I’ll help you in every way to achieve your goal. Wish you the best. Happy Eating!


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