About Vijit Singh

I am an aficionado of healthy eating, a YouTuber, and a Bombay Boy who lives for the good vibes and good times. I (try to) wake up at 5 am and strive hard to look good a.k.a handsome through nutrition, meditation, and calisthenics. Ssshh! don’t tell anyone that I can’t do without butter, garlic. green chilies and onions. Read on for the rest!

Before the journey

Till 2015, I was extremely overweight with 115Kgs. As with most of us who have succeeded in losing weight, I also tried a lot of diets and methods to lose weight. But it did not help me much. There was a slight fall and I got back to being overweight.

Goal Achieved

By 2016, I achieved my weight loss goal and reached a weight of 83 Kg, a loss of 32 Kg 🙂 in 7 months. My height is 6 feet.

How I achieved my goal?

I did not use any diet nor did I cut down heavily on my eating. But, it was a difficult process. I researched on the internet and other offline sources like nutritionists, dieticians, magazines, etc to understand the process of weight loss and weight management. After several months of trial and error, I finally figured out the process that worked for me. I hope the process that I discovered helps you to achieve your goal as well. There is nothing new in it; it is the age-old formula of creating a calorie deficit in your body to lose weight. But how do we practically do it in small actionable steps is what I teach.

I was also a chain smoker and also into heavy drinking. After several months of effort, I finally quit both and have remained clean ever since. My struggle with quitting cigarettes and alcohol helped me to develop mindsets that also helped me in losing weight successfully. E.g. I realized that it was the self-doubt that made my quitting cigarettes difficult and so once I was sure that I’ll never smoke the journey became enjoyable. I employed the same mindset to weight loss. Once I was sure that I can eat whatever I want but stay within the calorie limit and not to doubt the process I became comfortable with the weight loss journey and also thoroughly enjoyed it.

How do I use my learning today?

I use the same method to maintain my weight and above that, to see to it that my daily nutritional need is met. Just because someone is not overweight doesn’t mean that the person is healthy, right? You need to take care of your daily nutritional requirements if you are playing for the long run. Being healthy is not a choice it is paramount. Everything else is secondary in life.

What I want you to learn?

In the process that I teach, I don’t teach you by giving you a diet or some other quick fix. I appreciate the following quote and my goal of helping you to healthy-eating or lose weight is the same “I give you a fish and you eat for a day; I teach you fishing and you eat for the rest of your life.” My goal is to educate you about the healthy-eating process so that you can create your own plan to start eating healthy or lose weight healthily. Once, you understand the process, believe me, you will be free of the fear of gaining weight again. You can eat whatever you want and still maintain a healthy weight.

I request you to commit 67 days to this process and you will begin to see the results. Also, you would have learned the process to manage your weight for the rest of your life.

If you…

  • Want to eat healthy on a regular basis
  • Want to become nutrition aware
  • Want to lose weight organically and not use a quick-fix diet plan
  • Want to lose weight but dislike exercising
  • Want to eat your favorite foods but fear to gain weight
  • Want to learn a concrete process to manage your weight for the rest of your life
  • Want to learn mindsets to overcome the initial learning curve to healthy-eating and make it your second nature
  • Want to learn techniques to remain motivated during the weight loss journey as you know its a long and a monotonous journey
  • Want an exclusive insight into exactly what worked for me on my weight loss journey …(and what didn’t)

You have arrived at the right place!

I have been there and achieved success. I provide free useful resources on this site to help you achieve your goal.


Here is what I achieved using the exact same process that I’ll teach you


Vijit Singh - before after

7 months to Success