Mumbai Workshop

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Only Live To Eat!  A Smart-Eating Workshop

Friendly disclaimer: This workshop doesn’t teach nutrition. This is also not a cooking class. This workshop is for regular folks who live to eat and intend to gain knowledge to up the health-quotient of their everyday meals.

If you want to

  • Have a concrete method to measure the health-quotient of the food you eat everyday
  • Learn a skill to be able to eat anything and everything while maintaining the health-quotient of the food
  • Learn to maintain or lose weight while being able to savour any food that you like
  • Escape the guilt of enjoying comfort food
  • Learn to cook healthy food exclusive to your taste buds

If you answered Yes to any of the above then this workshop is for you.

The primary purpose of this workshop is to teach regular folks like you a simple skill to make your everyday meals healthy.

In this interactive workshop

  • Learn the skills to make your daily meals healthy and tasty
  • Learn the skills to identify healthy and unhealthy foods the right way
  • Learn the skills to “know” which foods are healthy instead of “guessing” them
  • Create your own action plan so that the moment you step out of the workshop you have no excuse to start eating healthy right away
  • Get your brain tweaked to look at food in a new healthy way
  • Develop the right mindset to start your healthy-eating journey in an enjoyable way
  • Improve your confidence with healthy-eating

By the end of the workshop, you’d have learned a life-skill that’ll transform your eating habit for the rest of your life! I hope to see you at the workshop.


Date: TBA

Duration: 3 pm – 6pm (3 hours)

Location: Multiple Locations

Price: Rs.999 per person

To book your seat:

Contact Person: Vijit Singh

Email: vijit(dot)singh(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in