Friendly Food Fight – Poha Vs Upma Vs Maggi

I had prepared poha and upma in the past. So “just for fun” (said in the Russel Peter style, if you’ve watched that gig), I decided to compare their calories with each other and also with the popular Indian snack Maggi. You can watch the comparison in the video below or you can view the important screenshots after the video to understand the comparison.

So who do you think would win the Friendly Food Fight?

Poha Vs Upma Vs Maggi

Watch the comparison below and shoot your answer in the comment section.



Upma Recipe

Upma Recipe

Upma Recipe Total Calories

Upma Recipe Total Caloires

Upma Recipe – Each Serving Calories

Upma Each Serving Calories


Poha Recipe

poha recipe

Poha Recipe – Total Calories

Poha Recipe Total Calories

Poha Recipe – Each Serving Calories

Poha Each Serving Calories

Maggi Recipe

Maggi Recipe

Maggi Recipe – Total And Each Serving Calories

Maggi Total and Each Serving Calories


Final Comparison

Maggi Vs Poha Vs Upma - Comparison

Watch me prepare Poha


Watch me prepare Upma

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  1. Viraj

    This is wonderful and precise!
    A new outlook towards health and healthy eating! Well done.
    Gotta start eating right. Right now!

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